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Weekend Prix Fixe Special - Any bottle of wine of your choice & cheese platter - three cheeses of your choice - $45
(Kitchen closes at 11:00pm.)



Cheeses    $8

—  Prairie Breeze (Iowa) —
Award-winning sweet and balanced medium sharp cheddar

—  Piave (Italy) —
King of Italian cheeses. Nutty and sweet

—  Brillat Savarin (France) —
Best triple-crème with thin snowy rind

—  Aged Goat Gouda (Holland) —
Medium, rich treasure

—  Stilton (England) —
Strong creamy blue cheese with a clean mineral tang


Meats     $8

— Prosciutto D'Adige Speck —
Distinct robust flavor

—  D'Artagnan Tasso Ham —
Louisiana specialty, with cayenne pepper

—  Venison Pate —
Rich, ground with apricot and hazelnut

—  Prosciutto Di San Daniele —
Mild, distinctive from Northern Italy

—  Soppressata —
Infused with fennel, peppers & paprika

—  Smoked Duck —
Delicious smoked duck breast



Sandwiches    $12

(Toasted open-faced baguette, side salad)

—  The Toasted Daniele —
Prosciutto Daniele & Gran Biscotto, piave,
prairie-breeze, light mustard, dressing,
cilantro, cornichons

—  The Soppressata Supreme —
Soppressata, marinated tomatoes, light
mustard/mayo dressing, basil

—  A Cheese Delight —
Mild goat gouda, prairie breeze, tomato,
light mustard, basil


Arugula, fennel, red onions, apple, prairie
cheese, vinaigrette

Romaine lettuce, pear, avocado, stilton blue cheese,
scallions, pecans, vinaigrette


House Special

Bean Ragout with prosciutto, sundried
tomatoes, fried egg, scallions, cilantro, and
toasted bread

Smoked Salmon

Delicious Pastrami Style With sides salad, cream cheese,
quinoa, crostinis